AmericanWarrior began in 2006 when our founder had the opportunity to visit the World War II Memorial. During this visit Christopher realized the one thing missing from the Memorial was World War II Veterans. Chris knew that most Veterans were unable to see their memorial as his grandfather and six great uncles never had the opportunity. From this experience Chris had a vision to motivate hundreds to make a patriotic difference and send these heroes to their Memorial, before it was too late.

On September 15th, 2007 we completed our first Day of Honor. This one day chartered journey had 100 WWII Veterans and 45 Guardians fly on a chartered Airbus 320 to Reagan International Airport. During this journey we enjoyed lunch at the WWII Memorial and then visited the Korean, Vietnam, Air Force, Sea Bee, Navy and Marine Memorials. Amazingly the final cost for this wonderful journey is less then $250 per WWII Veteran.

Along with sending WWII Veterans to their Memorial we bring these heroes to schools, senior centers and other fraternal organizations. These heroes have the unique ability to inspire people from all generations.

AW continues to focus on how to efficiently manage our resources to support Veterans and patriotism. In order to accomplish our goals we have utilized the support of hundreds of volunteers and organizations. If you would like to make a patriotic difference please register to volunteer or donate. We have a lot of work to do and every dollar or helping hand goes a long way.

AmericanWarrior is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization out of Norwich, CT. AW’s federal ID number for donations is #26-0758071.

Support and Honor American Veterans and Patriotic Operations

Motivate tens of thousands of people to make a patriotic difference in support of veterans, their communities and America.



AmericanWarrior is sending World War II Veterans to their Memorials in Washington DC, before it's too late. The WWII Memorial was completed 60 years after end of the war. This is their final wish and we make sure it becomes reality. To date over 930 WWII Veterans have flown with us on the Day of Honor.
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Operation Freedom Legacy’s mission is to promote Americanism, patriotism, sacrifice, volunteerism, and freedom. We do this through our organized presentations to youth groups, colleges, senior centers, fraternal organizations, and schools. We will extend the Greatest Generations legacy. To date we have visited over 100 organizations and schools across Connecticut and Rhode Island.
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Motivating Americans to be patriotic at Flag Day baseball games, concerts, memorial re-dedications and our Welcome Home parades. In all over 65,000 volunteer hours have been contributed. Together we will make a difference.
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Motivating Americans to support American Veterans with Welcome Home and Cost of Freedom parades. This is a national initiative that will spread across America.
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Chief Paul Tetreault, Ret. Adair Hendrickson  
John Haskell        
Kandyce Aust     
Deb Carrano  
John Klick      
General Dan McHale, Ret. 
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Dr. Jon Greene    
Founder and Director
Veterans network coordinator
Senior coordinator and grants
Logistics coordinator
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Student education and outreach
Website and data management
Military relations coordinator
Treasurer and data management
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