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Q. Who is AmericanWarrior.us and why was it formed?
A. AmericanWarrior is a patriotic 501c3 that has a headquarter in Norwich, Connecticut. We are focused on spreading patriotism to one American at a time. Since 2007, we have influenced tens of thousands of citizens across southern New England to volunteer for our WWII Veteran trips, informational and motivational speeches at schools, senior centers and other patriotic events. We are an all volunteer organization that has contributed over 65,000 hours.

Q. Why is it important to do this now?
A. The WWII Memorial was completed in 2004, which is 60 years after the end of the war. The average age for a WWII Veteran is over 87 years and 800 to 1,000 WWII veterans move on to a greater place each day. One hero a minute. Most of those that remain do not have the financial means to travel to their Memorial in DC. This is a small thank you for the sacrifice of 16,000,000 WWII veterans and the 430,000 who lost their lives during WWII.

Q. How can I help or volunteer?
A. Click here to view our volunteer page. We are always in need of Vetrean sponsors, Guardians, independent fund raisers, financial donations, trip and bus coordinators, and a few committed representatives from Fairfield, Waterbury, New London and Hartford regions.

Q. How can I contact the AmericanWarrior leadership?
A. Email us at warrior@americanwarrior.us or use our contact us page.

Q. Are you connected with Honor Flight?
A. No, we are an independent 501c3.

Q. How much money have you raised so far?
A. To date we have raised over $475,000. Over 99.5% of our funds go directly to the Day of Honor flights and other patriotic operations. Click here to view a sample of some of our very generous supporters.

Q. How can I donate to this cause?
A. Please visit our Donate page for more information.


Q. What are the details to send 100 WWII Veterans to their Memorial in Washington DC, 68 years after the end of the war?
A. This one day trip will depart by chartered aircraft from Bradley International Airport, Hartford, CT to Reagan National Airport, where we will board motor coaches and travel to the WWII Memorial. There we will have a flag ceremony in memory of those who could not make the trip and enjoy lunch at the WWII Memorial. After this we will visit the Vietnam, Korean, Lincoln, AirForce, SeaBee, Navy, Marine Memorials and then return to Reagan International Airport for our departure flight. When we arrive in Connecticut we will celebrate a Homecoming Salute at Bradley International for our WWII Warriors. This is our “Day of Honor” for these heroes.


Q. What is the cost for WWII or Korean Veterans?
A. Absolutely FREE. It's our honor to fly these heroes to Washington DC. Individual, organizations and corporate sponsors cover the costs for he Day of Honor flights.

Q. What is the time breakdown for the trip to Washington DC on May 23rd?
A. Schedule
 Arrive at Bradley 7:00 – 7:30
 Depart Bradley on chartered US Airline flight 9:00
 Arrive at Regan International to a heroes welcome 10:20
 Arrive at WWII Memorial and enjoy lunch 11:00 - 14:00
 Visit Vietnam, Korean and Lincoln Memorials 14:15 - 15:45
 Visit Navy, Air Force and Marine/Iwo Jima Memorials 16:00
 Arrive at Regan International 17:45
 Depart Regan International 19:00
 Arrive at Bradley International for Homecoming 20:10

Q. What is total cost of trip to send 100 WWII Veterans and 49 Guardians to Washington DC?
A. About $42,000, after guardian funds it will cost about $30,000 or less then $250 per WWII veteran. The US Airbus charter jet costs $33,000. Charter busses cost about $3,500. Food and clothing costs $2,500. US Air has been generous to offer us these chartered flights at a 50% discount.

Q. How much does it cost the WWII veterans?
A. Absolutely FREE. Our “Day of Honor” is a day of tribute for your service.

Q. What are the requirements to be on this trip?
A. Selection of Veterans is in order of when the application was received, first come first served. Terminally ill veterans have priority. WWII Veterans will be first to join our trip. If you served in Korea or Vietnam send in the application and will be second in priority.

Q. I live in another state... Is there other trips?
A. If you live in New England you should complete application and figure out a way to get to and from Bradley International in Hartford CT. There is also organizations in other states that are making a patriotic difference. Take a second and look at www.Honorflight.com and www.HonorAir.org.

Q. How are veterans and guardians prepared for the trip?
A. AmericanWarrior has at least 2 meetings during from 3 months before our departure. The first is with the Guardians to go over their duties, relationship with veterans and responsibilities. The second meeting with the Guardians and Veterans goes over timelines, duties and complete trip outline. Of course we answer all questions. Guardians remain in contact with Veterans throughout the process. The relationship often continues far beyond our trip to Washington DC.
Q. How do I apply as a WWII veteran or Guardian?

A. Download a Veteran application or a Guardian application and then mail the application to AmericanWarrior PO Box 337, Versailles, CT 06383.

Q. How much does it cost to be a guardian?
A. $300. This helps us keep the costs down and allows us to send more WWII Veterans. Please do not send funds to be a guardian until you are selected and contacted.
Q. What is the process of Guardian selection?
A.  Chosen based on the needs of the group as a whole. Location relation to where Vets live is important as well as the ability to communicate and provide guidance to 3-4 Veterans before trip, ability to assist up to 3 Veterans during trip or a 16 hour day, and the ability to cover $300 to cover cost of trip.
Q. Can my son, wife, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a guardian?
A.  Anyone can apply to be a guardian, but we select based on the needs of our WWII veterans. Our top priority is the safe travel of ALL the veterans. A normal ratio is 2 or 3 veterans to 1 guardian. Who will or won’t serve as a guardian and how many guardians will be needed is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors. 


Q. What is Operation Freedom Legacy?
A. Please click here to view more information. Students supporting heroes with educational letter writing campaign or community Veteran/Student activities.

Q. How much time is required for patriotic seminar? 
A. We are flexible, but at least 45 minutes allows us to cover the National Anthem, Veterans, WWII Veteran trip and volunteering.

Q. Who can request Operation Freedom Legacy? 
A. Schools and other fraternal organizations are invited to email us.

Q. What size audience is acceptable?
A. AmericanWarrior has completed seminars with audiences from 20 to 750.

Q. Who comes with AmericanWarrior Freedom Legacy?
A. AmericanWarrior has a few speakers including our founder, Christopher Coutu and World War II, Korean, Vietnam or Desert Storm warriors.

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